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Christa Rae Pacheco

I have 30 years of experience with Change your perspective to change your reality skills in Arroyo Grande, CA. I also have 4 years of experience with DNA reprogramming skills, 30 years of experience with Connect to Highest Source and purest core energy skills all of which I also do in the Arroyo Grande, CA area.
My education and credentials include Study of Metaphysical Science Medical-Intuitive Energetic Intuitive Facilitator.

Profile Summary:
Change your perspective to change your reality Arroyo Grande, CA
DNA reprogramming Arroyo Grande, CA
Connect to Highest Source and purest core energy Arroyo Grande, CA
Writing Articles about Metaphysical Science Arroyo Grande, CA
Opus Lux Workshops Arroyo Grande, CA
My Skills

Change your perspective to change your reality

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Mission Statement:
To help raise the vibration of humanity by empowering those who are ready to heal themselves simply by changing their perspective, attitude, belief or behavior and live in integrity with their Soul’s desire, purpose and life’s mission.

It has always been and will always be, about empowerment of the individual. The driving force is the passion to uncover each person’s unique truth, remove layer after layer of the veils that hold us back from seeing that all sentient Beings are filled with Creator energy, that each of us is perfect in interestingly different ways and understand the importance of living our true life’s mission; in a dedicated evolution of continued effort to create greater results with less effort.

Opus Lux System:
A cutting edge, original healing system; designed to allow the all knowing Subconscious access to the hidden beliefs, attitudes, perspective or feelings that cause imbalance. An easy to follow step by step action plan emerges to highlight the essential changes leading into the desired reality, at lightning speed. This information is key to a healthy body, mind and spirit; giving individuals the power to heal themselves.

Advanced Healthcare:
A deep dedication to promote a balanced lifestyle, new perspective and a different attitude towards Self and others has the power to actually heal imbalance, saves thousands of dollars in traditional healthcare and is preferable over covering up the symptoms with an onslaught of unnecessary drugs and surgery. Disease that has manifested in body, mind or spirit is an obvious sign of a desperate need for change; addressing the root cause brings relief from an outdated and crumbling healthcare system of the past.

Environmental and Economical Mission:
In an effort to create the smallest possible carbon footprint and use the most effective form of advertising, each client or colleague that refers a new client receives $100....go to:
Relevant Education / Credentials
Study of Metaphysical Science Medical-Intuitive Energetic Intuitive Facilitator
Years Experience: 30

DNA reprogramming

Category: Health / Fitness
Your willingness to change and shed old skins is essential. New cutting edge developments in DNA Healing techniques speed up the process and shed light on which beliefs create the behavior that creates the feeling that in turn creates your new improved reality.
Go to for more information
Relevant Education / Credentials
Master program at PossibilitiesDNA
Years Experience: 4

Connect to Highest Source and purest core energy

Category: Religious / Spiritual
The guided meditation on this CD is designed to help people connect to the green golden energy of purest core of Mother Earth and the white golden energy of Highest Source. In the meditation they plant, grow, hug and step into a tree, becoming the tree and connecting to the above mentioned energies. Go to to order your copy.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Metaphysical Science
Years Experience: 30

Writing Articles about Metaphysical Science

Category: Writing / Journalism
A new perspective:

Even if you have not read a newspaper in years, no longer watch breaking news on TV or listen to news casts on the radio; it’s hard to escape the reality of what appears like a world falling apart.

I remember hearing about Aids in the early 1980s, followed by Mad Cow Disease, the Bird Flue, rampant Food Allergies, Global Warming, and now more recently Mortgage Crisis leading to failing Economics, a loss of Jobs and Health Care benefits.
Pretending like none of this really affects us on a personal level has given it room to grow. On the other hand, fighting against terror, breast cancer or war, has not helped to alleviate any of these either, in fact they have grown bigger, stronger, more in our face than ever before.

It is asking us to pay attention!

Really take a good look at what all of these imbalances are begging to show us. Help to change them from a new standpoint, from a different angle and a fresh perspective:

The people I have met that were diagnosed with HIV or had Aids all have something in common that goes way beyond housing the same virus in their body. They are all deeply entrenched in being the victim of apartheid, feeling that they are not equal or less in value due to race, gender, economic status or sexuality. To heal they would have to step back into their power, accept themselves exactly the way they are and be confident about it. Instead of being subservient and at other people’s mercy, they would be encouraged to become Self-reliant. Instead of being ashamed of their interestingly different sexual orientation, they would be encouraged to celebrate the ability to love and be loved in all ways, shapes and forms. Aids has taught us to lay down our victim role and shows us that we each have the power to create a good life and that we are all equal no matter what skin color, economic situation, gender status or sexual preference we were born into.

"You stand outside the circle and wonder why you feel left o
Relevant Education / Credentials
Channeling Information from Higher Source and Higher Knowing
Years Experience: 30

Opus Lux Workshops

Category: Training
Opus Lux Workshop
This experience will change your life!

Raise your consciousness through an enlightened, spiritual philosophy based on the knowledge that all sentient Beings are filled with Creator/Source energy.
Participate in a beautiful guided meditation, connecting you to purest Core energy of Mother Earth and highest Source.
Experience the cutting edge, scientifically proven, original Opus Lux System through short readings on health issues (participants needed).
Ask any questions regarding metaphysical science, 2012
Take home a 100 page extensive, comprehensive manual, listing the metaphysical causes and new beliefs healing imbalance in body, mind and spirit.
Win a 1 hour Medical Intuitive phone session with Christa Rae Pacheco (value $150)!

Bring a friend, reserve your seat and buy your tickets
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Relevant Education / Credentials
Metaphysical Science
Years Experience: 30