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Anjanette Mickelsen

Anjanette Mickelsen is an award-winning Level 5 Certified Speech Level Singing (SLS) teacher. Anjanette is the youngest teacher in the world to receive Level 5 status, SLS’s highest level of certification. She has over eleven years of teaching experience.

Anjanette works with recording artists, professional musical theater performers, demo singers for Priddis, theme park singers, and Junior Category Star Search Winner David Archuleta. Her students have received vocal scholarships for college, and perform throughout the country. In 2007, Anjanette received the SLS Catch the Vision award for the outstanding growth of her studio in Utah.

Anjanette is also the SLS Regional Representative, or EAG (Educational Advisory Group) for the Rocky Mountain region. The EAG is dedicated to helping teachers interested in teaching the Speech Level Singing method receive the needed training, guiding them through the SLS Certification Program. The EAG also helps to sponsor educational events in their local areas with the best teachers of Speech Level Singing, and other experts in the music business.

Anjanette is passionate about unlocking the hidden potential in all of the voices that she works with. Anjanette believes the mastery of the voice is simply a mastery of our selves through the joy that is music. It is her belief that the key to mastering the voice is having complete freedom of expression - both body and soul. By mastering our voice and our art, we unlock the hidden potential inside our selves that is within all of us, and encourage others to do the same.

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Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor Salt Lake City, UT
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Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor

Category: Music
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Level 5 Teacher SLS Representative for the Rocky Mountain Region (EAG)
Years Experience: 11