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Lorraine Watson

I just moved from Dakota, Illinois to Machesney Park, Illinois. Not that far apart but gas prices have become so outrageous I figured I'd go where there are more feet!!
I'm a mother of two fabulous young men and have found two totally different careers that really keep life interesting. In both fields I have the opportunity to make a difference in a person's life. With reflexology I have been blessed with the gift of being able to help people enjoy a better quality of health and well being and through karaoke I get to meet all kinds of people, some very talented others a bit talent challenged but still very interesting! Singing can be a very healing and freeing experience, and most important, it is just plain fun and a good time!

Profile Summary:
Certified Reflexologist Machesney Park, IL
Karaoke Hostess Machesney Park, IL
More About Me
internet,fishing,camping,arts,music,conspiracy theories,making new friends,web and newsletter design,ebay
Work Experience:
Bell School-1st-8th
Guilford High School 9-12
International Institute Of Reflexology 2 years of study
Web Design 5 years of online study;HTML,CSS,DHTML
Organizations / Affilations:
International Institute Of Reflexology
Lorraine Watson is located in Machesney Park, IL and has the following skills: Certified Reflexologist, Karaoke Hostess
Music, Services, Health / Fitness
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Certified Reflexologist

Category: Health / Fitness
Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas on the hands and feet which directly correspond to all the organs, glands and every part of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumbs and fingers on these reflex areas to unblock nerve endings and improve blood flow.
A regular schedule of reflexology can improve chronic conditions like diabetes, parkinsons, alzheimers and most any condition the human body or disease the body can develop. Certain instances that aren't received well by reflexology are persons with blood clots, early stages of pregnancy, or csfb (cerebral spinal fluid buildup).
My motto is 'Your home is my office'. I travel to the client believing that a person may be most relaxed at home and therefore more open to receiving the optimum experience and benefits of reflexology.
Exicting News! As of April 2008 Medicare and Medicaid are now recognizing Reflexology a viable health care alternative and are now covering this fabulous modality.
I have a provider's number and waiting on my acceptance by the State of Illinois on their provider's list and then I can go help so many whom now simply can't afford my healing services.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2 years of study through the International Institute of Reflexology. Over 300 client hours logged and documented. A testimony from a happy client;
Years Experience: 3

Karaoke Hostess

Category: Music
Karaoke provided by Dr. Watson's Karaoke. I have been helping people have fun and sing since 2001. My library has grown to over 16,000 songs.
My 'shows' are simple and great for private parties, family gatherings, and small clubs. Rotations are fair and my price is affordable and flexible due to proximtity and function.
I use a Yamaha 12 channel mixing board accompanied by 2 speakers, also made by Yamaha.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Built database cdg by cdg. Over 16,000 songs to choose from. I ran stages in Nashville on 4 different occasions for record producers looking for new talent. I am fortunate that I met some very talented people on my journey with this crazy karaoke business.
Years Experience: 8