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- Ashmead College (Fitness Trainer Program; Graduated 2003).

-Seattle Karate and Karobics (formerly Enshin Karate): Sensei Vernon Owens.

-AMC Kickboxing: Coaches Haru Shimiminishi and [former UFC Champion] Maurice Smith.

-Gracie Barra Brazilian Jujitsu: Rodreigo Lopez.

-Traditional Taekwondo: Master Nhumey Tropp.

-Western Boxing: Coach Bob Dekker.

-Numerous self-defense seminars, including Modern Arnis and Wing Chun Kung-Fu ('classical' and 'non-classical/Bruce Lee-influenced').

- ACE, NAPMA, Kenzen Karate (formerly Enshin Karate). American Red Cross First Aid and CPR (adult and child).

Professional Experience
-Taught self-defense, violence prevention, and anti-abduction courses for numerous organizations, including: Home Alive, Greater Seattle YMCA, Seattle Public Schools, and Seattle Parks and Recreation Department. Currently teaching at West Seattle Family YMCA and Washington Middle School.

- Personal trainer at various health clubs, including 24 Hour Fitness, Pure Fitness, Allstar Fitness, and X Gym.

- Provided security services at numerous events and nightclubs in Seattle for over 12 years. Presently working at Trinity Nightclub.

- Founder and Chief Instructor of the GCL Method of Modern Karate (aka "Jissen Kumite Karate-Do").

Profile Summary:
Certified Personal Trainer Seattle, WA
Karate/Self-Defense Instruction Seattle, WA
My Skills

Certified Personal Trainer

Category: Training
I help people from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively; in the shortest period of time possible.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ashmead College (Fitness Trainer Program), ACE certified, APEX certified, YMCA of the USA certified.
Years Experience: 5

Karate/Self-Defense Instruction

Category: Education
I have been training since 1978 in various martial arts and teaching since 1993. I hold a black belt in Karate, and instructor certification in Kickboxing.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2nd Dan Black belt (under Sensei Vernon Owens). Current Nightclub security/Bouncer. Former full-contact fighter.
Years Experience: 30