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Category: Health / Fitness
Our goal is to provide the mobility of a full service day spa, catering to anyone on the go or who wants to put on a show! Enjoy a spa quality table massage or fun chair massage at your next event!

Enjoy a full anatomical yet relaxation massage by Savastian, a valedictorian therapist of Los Angeles College Institute. Recieve an invigorating combination massage that will leave you light-headed and refreshed. You will feel a difference in the tightness of your white connective tissue otherwise known as fascia. I will massage you from head to toes, back to front on a comfortably padded massage table.

Pamper yourself with the Massage Al la carte package for ultimate healing. This session includes a full 1 1/2 hour massage and sugar body scrub with hot towels. I use a variety of techniques targeting your overall muscular well being. If you have body pain that seems to linger, together, we can heal that pain.

Massage Al la carte:
Indulge with a full hour and a half combination therapy massage from head to toes. Each muscle group is covered with a variety of massage technique. You will feel like the massage is never ending. After you massage, you'll enjoy a fresh mango mint sugar body scrub that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Finished with a hot towel bath.
IN 150 OUT 250* (2 hrs)

Relaxation Massage:
Includes a variety of techniques including Swedish and Shiatsu to relax everyday muscular tensions, aches and pains. Light to medium pressure. Slow sweeping strokes.
IN 80 OUT 120*

Deep Tissue / Sports:
An intensive and invigorating massage focusing on the deeper layers of tissue and elimination of toxins. This technique enhances performance and endurance, lessens chances for injury and reduces recovery time. Medium to Deep pressure. Lots of stretching.
IN 100 OUT 150*

Shiatsu Pressure Massage:
Reintroduce the optimal flow of ki with applied centralized pressure along your chinese meridians. Your energies
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Massage Therapist from Los Angeles College Institute. Graduated Valedictorian with a solid 4.0 and 1 thousand hours.
Years Experience: 10