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Deborah Yaffee

I have 5 years of experience with certified consulting hypnotist skills in Shelburne Falls, MA. I also have 12 years of experience with Nutritionist and Cleanse Coach skills, 2 years of experience with Video Branding and Mobile Text Media skills all of which I also do in the Shelburne Falls, MA area.
My education and credentials include Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Profile Summary:
certified consulting hypnotist Shelburne Falls, MA
Nutritionist and Cleanse Coach Shelburne Falls, MA
Video Branding and Mobile Text Media Shelburne Falls, MA
Certified Reiki Master Teacher Shelburne Falls, MA
Meditator Shelburne Falls, MA
My Skills

certified consulting hypnotist

Category: Health / Fitness
Using hypnosis, self hyponsis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Zpoint process and other mind-mastery methods to assist people in overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding them back from creating the positive changes and successes they desire to achieve.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists
Years Experience: 5

Nutritionist and Cleanse Coach

Category: Health / Fitness
I assist people to make positive changes in their health through customizing food plans, menu makeovers and guiding them through programs of nutritional cleansing and replenishing.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Nutritionist
Years Experience: 12

Video Branding and Mobile Text Media

Category: Marketing / Sales
I sell two effective , cutting edge product suites that help entrepreneurs brand themselves quickly, powerfully, and that help to rapidly multiply their client base. Products also work as tools for training and field communications.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Category: Health / Fitness
I teach Reiki classes for general practice and self treatment. I also teach specialty Reiki courses (Medicine Buddha Reiki, Tara Reiki, HypnoReiki) for practitioners who have taken REiki level 2 attunements.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Reiki Master Practitioner (certified by John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray). Reiki Master Teacher (certified by Libby Barnett)
Years Experience: 3


Category: Religious / Spiritual
student of Tibetan Buddhism.
practitioner and teacher of Centering Prayer.
practitioner and teacher of 7th Path self hypnosis.
Relevant Education / Credentials
student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1981. completed Centering Prayer facilitator training in 2003. certified as 7th Path Self Hypnosis teacher in 2005.
Years Experience: 29