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I am an immigrant from Mexico. I came to the united states and quickly enrolled in english classes because i knew from the moment i arrived to the US that if you didnt speak english you would not be able to succeed in this country. i started working as a mechanic for Precision Tune while taking night classes at Sequoia Institute now known as WyoTech. During this whole period i am now a certified automotive technician and i currently my own Smog check Station. My son, who is 18, also has his smog check license and is running his own shop 2 blocks away from mine. I support my 2 children all the way to the end as long as they keep going to school.

Profile Summary:
Certified Automotive Technician San Jose, CA
certified smog check technician San Jose, CA
My Skills

Certified Automotive Technician

Category: Automobiles
before smog check i used to be a mechanic and my main skill was being a mechanic.
Relevant Education / Credentials
graduate from Sequoia Institute now known as WyoTech
Years Experience: 16

certified smog check technician

Category: Automobiles
i can perform smog checks for almost any vehicle: out of state, change of ownership, renewal registration, test only etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
smog check technician
Years Experience: 6