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I have 17 years of experience with CCRN skills in Big Sandy, TN. I also have 10 years of experience with Reiki Master skills, 25 years of experience with Arabian Horse Breeding skills all of which I also do in the Big Sandy, TN area.
My education and credentials include RN, CCRN, CMC, PCCN.

Profile Summary:
CCRN Big Sandy, TN
Reiki Master Big Sandy, TN
Arabian Horse Breeding Big Sandy, TN
My Skills


Category: Health / Fitness
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 17

Reiki Master

Category: Training
Teaching Reiki Classes
Relevant Education / Credentials
Reiki Master
Years Experience: 10

Arabian Horse Breeding

Category: Nature / Animals
All World Acres Natural Arabians, aka AWANA. We have had a lifelong interest in horses, Arabians in particular. Our philosophy on horse-keeping is that "Nature knows best". We try to provide a natural herd environment that promotes gentle discipline and emotional support while still allowing our young horses to grow up trusting people.
Our breeding program has evolved through the years to meet the demands of the public while still maintaining our high standards as breeders of the Arabian horse. Our bloodlines are a combination of Straight Egyptian purity and beauty, Polish performance and American versatility with a liberal sprinkling of the best pedigrees in the world. We produce correct performance horses with willing dispositions, athletic ability and show quality conformation and elegance. We have Straight Egyptians, purebred Arabians and a high percentage of black and black-bred horses, as well as, a few selectively bred half Arabians in the very popular buckskin, palomino and pinto colors.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 25