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I have 25 years of experience with Carpenter skills in Beech Creek, PA. I also have 12 years of experience with furniture designer and builder skills, 10 years of experience with Mason skills all of which I also do in the Beech Creek, PA area.
My education and credentials include Multiple seminars:such as Lead abatement. School of 'Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.'.

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Carpenter Beech Creek, PA
furniture designer and builder Beech Creek, PA
Mason Beech Creek, PA
human Beech Creek, PA
Ergonomics Beech Creek, PA
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Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
25 years experience and still learning.
Individual operated construction service. Detail oriented, with knowledge and competence in all related building trades. Will not ignore the issues that commonly arise in most projects; this is the practice of the average "installer". Green,recycling,and free-cycling oriented when practical.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Multiple seminars:such as Lead abatement. School of 'Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.'
Years Experience: 25

furniture designer and builder

Category: Art / Creative
Artistic slate top occasional tables; Free-cycled trestle tables with antique bead-board doors for top; Glue-laminated bent oak tables. Custom computer desks, and more.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Boot camp for fine furniture with Bob Timann in Jupiter,FL. Experience,experimentation,and practice.
Years Experience: 12


Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Graduated from apprentice to practicing mason. Mostly flat work, such as patios and walkways in slate, flagstone,and blue-stone.
Some retaining walls in stone. And stucco surfacing; sometimes with an artistic flare of inlaid fossils,etc..
Relevant Education / Credentials
Apprenticeship with Chester Francis (Moose) Orsin, a freelance and union mason. Practice and experience.
Years Experience: 10


Category: Miscellaneous
just wanted to squeeze in an image. Thank you.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Poor Richards Almanac
Years Experience: 1


Category: Miscellaneous
This photo and skill is included to illustrate to homeowners and contractors the benifits of flexible thinking while enjoying your work.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 46