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I have 10 years of experience with Career and Job Coach skills in Oak Park, MI.
My education and credentials include B.A. Sociology/Psychology, M.Ed.

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Career and Job Coach Oak Park, MI
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Career and Job Coach

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Get the Job You Deserve
On average hiring managers spend about one minute reviewing each of the hundreds of resumes they receive on a daily basis. In this highly competitive job market you need a resume that captures the attention of those hiring managers. Career Concepts can help you develop a resume that gets the attention of those hiring managers and that will help you to get the job you deserve. Career Concepts is a career assistance service offering jobseekers employment services at all employment levels. Are you changing careers or reentering the job market, we have services that can help you to land the job you deserve. We offer the following services.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.A. Sociology/Psychology, M.Ed
Years Experience: 10