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Hello- Welcome to my skills! I have been inspired to create candles and unique paintings from my place of work- Swans Candles (
I have been making candles for 5 yrs and counting. I mainly like to basic container candles, but I will do some pillar candles every now & then. I like container candles because they are breeze to make, and usually are hassle free. Pillars arent too bad but they tend to take more time and attention and with two small children I have alot of attention going out anyways. Candles have always been a nice way to excape all the chaos of work & home because after a hard days work- making a creation that will be admired by someone out there makes me feel great.

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Candle Making Lakewood, WA
Encaustic Art Lakewood, WA
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Candle Making

Category: Art / Creative
Making candles are an excellent way to relax and make beatiful creations. It is a very fun and interesting hobby and can be a great business venture.
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5 years of candlemaking,
Years Experience: 5

Encaustic Art

Category: Art / Creative
Encautic art is a very unique style of painting. You use beeswax as your paint, which you have to heat up and keep at a certain temperture while your working. Once you apply the beeswax paint onto your surface it imediately starts to dry within seconds. You can paint in many different styles with encautics. I prefer to apply my beeswax then literally carve out my design. I also like to apply the beeswax paint and then run a heat gun over it and let it liquifly and blend together and make a totally random piece of art. There is alot of people who paint with beeswax like regular oil paintings, but I havent gotten that good at it yet.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 4