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Coffee with high acidity can harm your stomach lining and ever cause ulcers, especially if you love to drink lots of coffee. A bean that is roasted too little remains green and does not taste good. A bean with too much roasting makes unnecessary acid and can give the coffee a burnt flavor.

Our computerized "Z-Roasting" System optimizes roasting time to assure that Tylers Coffee is Acid Free with maximum flavor.

Acid Free
Our computerized "Z-Roasting" System optimizes roasting time to assure that Tyler's Coffee is Acid Free with maximum flavor.

Where it Comes From
The Finest hand-picked Arabica beans are shipped from South America to our roasting factory in Arizona.

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C.E.O. of Tylers Coffee Tucson, AZ
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For now we plan on continuing to advertise our product and gain worldwide prestige. News USA provides us exposure to the national media. In February, our first article went out in their magazine to 10,600 newspapers. The response was phenomenal. There were approximately four hundred newspapers that ran our story. The hits on the website increased dramatically. We cracked the top ten on the first page of Goggle for hits to websites concerning acid-free coffee. For the first time in our company’s history we were backordered and overjoyed. Luckily our roastary is in Phoenix so we were able to quickly up our production. The people at News USA notified me that the response time to our campaign was absurd.

Business is booming. This exposure has spawned many interesting opportunities. For example, the editor of Boys Life called me three different times before I was able to get back to her. She was very interested in my story for the magazine. When I questioned her over the distribution, she astonished me with an unbelievable number. Three million are printed per month. This gave me an opportunity to reach a lot of young people; the demographic is mostly ages eight to sixteen. If I inspire just one person to start their own business, I have achieved and exceptional goal. While I was busy being ecstatic about this staggering opportunity, ABC Night Line sent me an email stating that they were very impressed at what I have made with my company. They liked how I give an alternative to the coffee industry. Innovation is the root of the new age business world. They were most impressed by the fact that I am only seventeen and already in a huge grocery store chain in AZ. They where putting a story together about young, successful entrepreneurs and I fit perfectly into that mold.
High school, Collage U.OF.A in Tucson
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Tyler Ornstein is located in Tucson, AZ and has the following skills: C.E.O. of Tylers Coffee
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C.E.O. of Tylers Coffee

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