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I am the oldest of three Boys. I lost my father in a tragic accident when i was twelve and have taken on the challenge of being a positive leader and role model for my family. I recently graduated from Ursinus College with a Business and Economics Degree. I am currently working for myself trying to go against the odds by mixing business and pleasure. I am a car fanatic and have opened my own Custom Automotive Shop where we do upholstery, paint, audio/video installation, custom fabrication, fiber glassing, professional auto detailing and more.

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Business Managment Swedesboro, NJ
Creative Vision Custom Automotives LLC Swedesboro, NJ
Creative Vision Mobile Auto Spa Swedesboro, NJ
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Business Managment

Category: Business
I've been pretty successful creating my own and others business ideas, researching the business market, creating a competitive edge for the business, drawing up a thorough business/marketing plan and executing them by turning over profits. I currently run two businesses of my own and manage a few others. The name of my company is Creative Vision Custom Automotives LLC and my sub company Creative Vision Mobile Auto Spa
Relevant Education / Credentials
4yr B.A. in Business and Economics
Years Experience: 5

Creative Vision Custom Automotives LLC

Category: Automobiles
I own a company that does complete car customization. We specialize in upholstery, headliners, carpets, custom fabrication, fiber glass audio en-closers,wooden audio en-closers. We also install radios,tv's, and audio systems. Exterior we offer custom and show room paint jobs. Window tinting.
Relevant Education / Credentials
MT2 Mobile technical Training Certified in Video/Audio
Years Experience: 3

Creative Vision Mobile Auto Spa

Category: Automobiles
Creative Vision Mobile Auto Spa aims to provide the highest level of professionalism and workmanship. We understand the hesitation in having a company that you have never dealt with before come to your home or work to provide services. It is our goal to make each visit a pleasant one.

It’s a priority to get your oil changed regularly. You rotate your tires and service your transmission on a regular basis. You never let a summer go before you have your coolant changed. But did you know that your vehicle requires regular service to its paint, rubber, trim, leather and other surfaces as well? An “express” service from your local car wash every now and then isn’t nearly sufficient to maintain your vehicle to it's top condition. Environmental elements are attacking and deteriorating your vehicles paint thus taking away from it's appearance and stealing value from your car. It is essential that your vehicle be routinely serviced by a competent professional detailer to keep your vehicle in excellent shape.

We offer a number of services to restore and / or maintain your vehicles appeal. Our services are performed conveniently on site at your location. We come completely equipped and are fully Insured.


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Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5