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Barbara Genay Crabbe

I have almost always worked. I learned very young that I was very good at creating systems.

I have created systems for work, home and businesses.

My favorite job is to have an opportunity to help other create the systems they want for their lives.

I am working with a terrific company helping others create a business in the anti-aging marketing.

It is possible to ERASE 10 years from your face in 10 Minutes.

Profile Summary:
Business Manager Sacramento, CA
Computer Consultant Sacramento, CA
IBM Contracted Software Marketer Sacramento, CA
Dir. Marketing & Sales Sacramento, CA
Network Marketing Sacramento, CA
More About Me
My interests are my family, my church and my work.

I write a newsletter about Financial Freedom. Creating a debt free life. A part of that freedom comes by creating a home based business so that you can make the kind of income you want.

The ecomony of today, says, take charge of your life. The Government is not going to be able to provide everything to everyone.

Make a decision, take control, it can be great fun.
can work alone
wants to create a home based business
self starter
has a desire to make a large income.
Work Experience:
I started working early, running a dry cleaning front office. That was the first time I realized that creating systems in an organized manner made things work smoother.

I became a Hair Stylist on the Sunset Strip and enjoyed the artistic nature of the business. I loved working with people and helping them get what they wanted.
B.S. Business. Major Designing Computer Systems.
Worked on Master for Organization Behavior.
Organizations / Affilations:
I an involved with my Church. Working to help other to gain the knowledge to get a job.

I am also associated with the Probate RE Industry. Helping those who are dealing with the issues of property, real and personnel, after the death of a family member.
Barbara Genay Crabbe is located in Sacramento, CA and has the following skills: Business Manager, Computer Consultant, IBM Contracted Software Marketer, Dir. Marketing & Sales, Network Marketing
Marketing / Sales, Consulting, Beauty / Style, Training, Communications, Business
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My Skills

Business Manager

Category: Business
I ran business, owned a business, helped turn around a business. I also created advertising and marketing programs as I moved along. Each business had different needs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.S. Business. Major Designing Computer Systems.
Years Experience: 10

Computer Consultant

Category: Consulting
I set up computer systems for small businesses and non profits. These setups included creating systems to run each office. Programs that took care of accounting and other necessary

I created classes for RE Professionals so they could learn to create database to farm their areas.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.S. Business. Major Designing Computer Systems.
Years Experience: 1

IBM Contracted Software Marketer

Category: Communications
My time with IBM was a wonderful job. I worked with IBM software and we created larger systems as businesses became involved with the internet.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.S. Business. Major Designing Computer Systems.
Years Experience: 1

Dir. Marketing & Sales

Category: Marketing / Sales
As Director of Sales and Marketing I was in charge of getting the Sales Reps leads and that the Reps would turn into sales. My office handled the payroll for sales and marketing reps.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5

Network Marketing

Category: Training
Work in Network Marketing. Working with a team to create a profitable business.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2