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Burgess Concrete and Construction

Category: Services
Jobs, Contracts, and Services provided by Burgess Concrete and Construction include and are not limited to:

Clean-up (Make Ready)
Vaccum Carpets
Shampoo Carpets
Wipe down all wood

Lawn Care and Landscaping
Mowing the lawns
Trimming (Weed Eating)
Sweeping Driveways and Sidewalks
Building Flower Beds
Planting Flowers
Planting Trees
Trimming Trees Back
Cleaning out gutters
Leveling Yards
Placing Sod

Pouring Sidewalks
Pouring Driveways
Pouring Patios
Pouring Stairwells
Fixing Concrete Damage
Weather sealing

Patio Coverings
Jointed to the house and flashed into the roof already existing.

Fixing Trim
Repair rotted or damaged wood (Inside and Out)
Repairing Cabinets
Wood patios

Standard Chain Link Install
Standard Chain Link Repair
Privacy Fence Repair
Privacy Fence New
Ranch Style Fencing around large properties or gated communities

Tearing down most everything or anything you want gone

Debris Removal
Haul off anything or clean-up everything you need gone.

Burgess Concrete and Construction is in the business of supplying the best business that we possibly can to all our clients. We guarantee the majority of our work by adding an extended warranty to our projects that we start and complete. Contracts or work and prices are based off the job in question. Please do not hesitate in giving me a call or our company a call if you need work done. We cna do everything on this list and much more if need be.

Our contact information is:

Burgess Concrete and Construction
Burgess, Jonathan R.
P: 918-955-0634
F: N/A
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10