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I am a bridal accessories designer and seller.

I discovered a terrific new lipstick that you apply just once in the morning and it last through dinnertime.

It won't rub off or kiss off.

This lipstick is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom. So now I sell it online at

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Bridal Lipstick: one application lasts all day Bellingham, WA
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You're getting married! Congratulations!

Get ready for lots of kissing with a new waterproof, kiss proof lipstick!

Apply this special lipstick and glossy sealer once and it lasts all through your wedding, photography session, and reception.
The color will last from your first kiss as a married woman to your last kiss that evening in your honeymoon suite.
LipSense is semi-permanent waterproof liquid pigment. When applied and then sealed with one of the special glosses, even kissing will not remove the color.
LipSense is available in 60 colors so you can get a wonderful shade to coordinate with your wedding colors.
All lip colors are used with a gloss which acts as a sealer. Several sealers/glosses are available including shiny, matte, pearlized, and sparkling. All sealer/glosses are moisturizing.

How to apply your new LipSense

When you were a young girl, it took a bit of practice to apply lipstick properly. Since LipSense is unlike other lipsticks, you will be learning a new application technique. After just a few days of wearing, you will be able to apply it quickly and perfectly.

For practice, start wearing your new LipSense to your all your bridal events including: cake tasting, venue tours, wedding gown fittings, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner. Your LipSense won't come off on your fork or napkin during the cake tasting, it won't wear off during a full day of visits to potential venues, it won't come off on your bridal gown during fittings, and you will look lovely throughout your entire rehearsal dinner.

Both the LipSense and the glosses (sealers) need to be shaken horizontally prior to application.

Use one sweeping motion to apply LipSense in layers. Start at the corner of the mouth and apply in one continual stroke to the bottom lip. Do the same with the upper lip. Do not press your lips together. Let dry before applying the next layer. Three layers will give you the longest lasting color. When top layer o
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