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My name is Sean Cruz and i love and am experienced in break dancing, home theater, and PC services. I've been dancing for 7 years, and working with technology my whole life. I have always been interested in all of these categories which drove me to learn more and earn experience in each field.

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Break Dancer - Performer, Competitor, and Events Stockton, CA
PC and Home Theater - Wall Mounting Services Stockton, CA
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My interest are break dancing, home theater install and services, and PC services
Work Experience:
For break dancing, I have been to at least 50 competitions in cities all over the west coast and mid-west, and have won many of them. I've performed and helped promoters/sponsors organize and throw events. I am also throwing my own events as well=D. For PC experience, I've been working with computers since i was 6 years of age. I completed a training course and NTI with honors at the age of 16, and i worked at office depot for 1 year selling and installing computers. For Home Theater, i worked at Circuit City for 2 years before they went out of business. During my time there i learned how to sell and install HDTV's, surround sound, and other home theater components. i am very knowledgeable and experienced in all these fields.
NTI (National Training Institute) Computer Service Tech course. Completed with honors.
Organizations / Affilations:
I work with and am sponsored by IKON ink ( and Top Knotch Entertainment.
Sean Cruz is located in Stockton, CA and has the following skills: Break Dancer - Performer, Competitor, and Events, PC and Home Theater - Wall Mounting Services
Dance , Services
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Break Dancer - Performer, Competitor, and Events

Category: Dance
My name is Sean Cruz. My b boy (Break dance) name is Psycho C because of the crazy moves i have=], and i represent Pack A Punch (PAP) crew from Stockton, CA. I am also sponsored by IKON Ink, Monster Energy, and Top Knotch Entertainment. I also do performances, compete, and help promote events for these sponsors. I have been break dancing for a little over 7 years and i have been to many cities in and out of state. Therefore i met many friends which are also very talented in break dancing, DJ's, and judging competitions. I also have access to major break dancing networking websites, and an event objective setup to ensure that every task is accomplished.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have competed in at least 50 competitions all over the west coast and mid west in my 7 years of break dancing, done just as many performances, and now im working with, Monster Energy, and Top Knotch Entertainment. I have also won many battles and i have the trophies and newspapers as evidence.
Years Experience: 7

PC and Home Theater - Wall Mounting Services

Category: Services
Hello. My name is Sean and i love and enjoy not only helping people with there setup and issues with home theater and PC's, but just working with home theater and PC's is also a passion for me so i love performing this service not just for you, but for myself as well=]. I also understand that receiving assistance and service for these particular issues can be VERY costly for the consumer that has already spent a good amount of their hard earned money. I know this because i use to work for circuit city, office depot, and other electronic retailers. That's why i am more than willing to give a great discount of what you would pay for service or installation in your retail stores!! All my services also come with FREE SITE SURVEY=D typically costing $50 at your local retailers!

I am familiar and capable of;
5.1 or 7.1 surround sound setup
Wall mounting Flat panel HDTV's and run A/V cables behind the wall(ask for details)
Component configuring and installing
TV and HDTV install and connect
Remote Programming
PC install and troubleshoot
PC maintenance to keep computer at maximum performance
PC diagnostics (determining what you need to fix or improve your PC)
Wireless network setup and configuration
Printer Setup and configuration

If you feel you need help in any of these areas and don't feel like paying ridiculous prices for these services, feel free to contact Sean @
Phone #; (209)898-3103

Thank you for your time and i look foward to doing my best in helping you out with your technical needs=D
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certificate with Honors from NTI (National Training Institute) in studying and hands on training in the CST training course (Computer Systems Tech). 4 years of retail sales and installing services (Circuit City and Office Depot)
Years Experience: 6