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I'm a body painter and always looking for my next canvas. Body painting does require nudity. So if you are not comfortable being nude in front of a male (me) than body paint is not for you.

I don't have an endless supply of models at my finger tips to do a shoot. But I do love callibrating shoots, Send me a message with your ideas, I will let you know "yay" or "nay" on what I can do or not do.

I am not a photographer, I have one available sometimes, but not always, she has a lot on her plate as well, if you would like to work with me, please have someone in mind that you would like to have shoot you.

What's to be Expected?
A) Important! Please understand, I don't care if you are a guy or girl, there is nothing you have that I have not seen, or even care, I'm an artist trying to make the best project I can, if you are not comfortable being nude in front of a male, than body paint is not for you!
B) Most of the time I like to meet the person before a shoot so that I know who I am dealing with and what project would fit best for who I am painting.
C) Body Painting takes about 1-3 hours to do, depending on what is done. This is not a 10 min make up job and we call it good... Yes, it's a patience thing.
D) It's recommended, not required, to shave, because the paint can definately pull body hair, but then, if you don't mind scrubbing, this shouldn't be a problem.
E) I'm sorry, I don't paint over underwear, the lines and shadows it creates is sorta distracting from the art. I might be alone in my opinion, however, I like smooth surfaces not a sudden String over the hip or strap over the back.
F) Though, when using my studio at home, I myself always have an escort... Bring someone along that you would like there for the paint as well... I cannot speak for photographers for the actual shoot.

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Body Painting for Modeling West Jordan, UT
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it's a small example of what I have done.
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Stephen Pratt is located in West Jordan, UT and has the following skills: Body Painting for Modeling
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Body Painting for Modeling

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This is a way photographers and models alike can contact me if they would like to add spice to some of the images they creat together... become a tiger or even some imaginary creature.
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