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Birthday Party Magician

Category: Event / Party Planning
The Amazing Chris Somoza will astonish the kids with amazing tricks such as...
-The Card Trap (This is a trick created by Chris, that can only be seen at his show)
-Rope Thru Body (Watch as two solid ropes are tied around Chris' body, and are miraculously pulled through his torso, without a scratch)
-Jack-o-Lantern (In this trick, Chris holds a burning match inside his mouth, giving the look of a Jack-o-Lanturn)
-Linking Rings (A classic in the world of magic. Three solid rings link together)
-Cups & Balls (Quite literally the oldest trick in the book. A ball melts through a solid cup right in front of your eyes)
-This N' That (A hilarious card trick involving three cards that cant keep from changing)
-The Revolver (Not to worry, this trick involves no gun, its an old trick in which 4 cards take turns flipping over by themselves, with a surprise at the end)
-Card Matrix (Four coins are covered by four cards, and with a wave of the hands, the magician makes the coins teleport to another card)
-Mental Photography (One of the best tricks in Chris card trick category. A blank deck of cards is displayed, then in a second, one of the cards reveals the face of the card, another second, and theres a back to the card, and to finish the trick off, the whole deck is turned into a regular deck of cards!)
-And much, much, MORE!

Chris also performs adult parties for the same price, but different tricks such as:
(the above tricks are also included)
-Skewer Thru Tongue (Chris pushes a large skewer through his tongue. a hilarious trick)
-Needle Thru Arm (A 7-inch-long needle is pushed through the magicians arm!)
-Human Blockhead (Probably the strangest trick in the whole show, mainly because its not an illusion, Chris takes a 4 1/2 inch nail and hammers it into his nose!)
-Cups and Knife (A russian roulette kinda trick, a knife is hidden under 4 styrofoam cups, and are spun on a turn table so no one knows which cup has the knife. The mag
Relevant Education / Credentials
Member of the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians)
Years Experience: 3