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OK here goes: I am good natured fellow; easy to get along with, hard working, goal oriented, honest (but pleasant and helpful about it). I like to hang out with good friends, meet new people, get a little wild from time to time and, of course, play music with others. I like working on things to perfection and working out new ways to improve existing ways to do things. I have a bit of an off beat-sense of humor, I guess(a bit silly, somwhat sarcastic and moderately witty). I get personal high from entertain people. I feel that, if I have made people smile or feel good about being in my presence, then I've done my job. This is sounding like a dating bio so enough with the touchy feely emo stuff, I just want to play some good music with a group of people that I can get along with, and entertain a crowd.

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Bassist Jackson, KY
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Category: Music
I have been playing Bass for a total of 9 years. I play cover material mostly at present but have been developing some concepts for original material.
My influences have included such bands as Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Stone Temple Pilots and Rush. (I do play current music as well).
I have live gig experience and some recording experience.
I currently practice about 2-4 hours a day 5+ days a week. I have spent most of my time playing through scale exercises and learning new songs, either by ear of Tablature during practice sessions. I will admit that my knowledge of music theory is limited I am always learning more and more about it.
I am not a heavy drinker (only drink socially) and I do not use drugs.
My philosophy on playing music is: If it makes you want to move, be it banging your head or dancing til you drop and it rocks, it's good music. If it moves you on and emotional level and still has an edge to it, it's good music. If it connects you on a fundamental level to perfect strangers, it's good music.
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Years Experience: 9