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I'm 19 years old and ferociously musical. Not so much in the way the I know everyone's name in the biz and go to all the shows and what-not, but I live music. I listen to music instead of watching TV sometimes, because it can be just as entertaining and not nearly as brainwashing. I enjoy all kinds of music, most of the time as far as genres go I am mainly in Jazz, Rock, Experimental, Metal, Classical, Funk and Soul, R&B, etc. Most of the time however I'll listen to and like any kind of music or genre depending on the artist. Its possible for any music to sound amazing depending on who is playing it.

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Bass Aurora, CO
Writer Aurora, CO
Human Being Aurora, CO
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Music, Writing, Bass, Spirituality, Phiolosophy
I am looking for a
Electric Bass Teacher who is fine with sporadic lessons so I can take my time preparing and who is geared towards advanced players
also I am looking for a spiritual teacher to help me with things involved in that realm.
Coire Geare is located in Aurora, CO and has the following skills: Bass, Writer, Human Being
Religious / Spiritual, Music, Writing / Journalism
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Category: Music
I've been playing Electric for about 6 years and stand-up for 4-5.
I made the cut for All-State Orchestra all three years I was elligible and Western States Honors Orchestra 2 years. I auditioned with the Eccles Sonata Movt. I, and played Mvt. II for a master class at All-State. Other Material I have studied is Simandl Books 1 & 2, Vivaldi Sonata for Double Bass and Piano in Amin, and Lorenzetti's Gavotte in Gmaj.
5 years self-taught experience. Primary influences are Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Frank Zappa (that's a more general music one). I played Wooten's "U Can't Hold No Groove (If You Ain't Got That Pocket)" For a talent show as a freshman in high shcool. Played a rendition of "Tommy the Cat" by Primus with Les's solo removed and the first minute or so of Classical Thump put in instead. I have also done extensive professional work with it mostly in the way of musicals such as, "Little Orphan Annie", "RENT", and "Aida". I am a very good improviser, both for solos and walking bass lines, and know a variety of scales and scale patterns. I am the most proficient on this one of my two instruments.
$20-30 per lesson depending on whether or not I would be driving to your home, no set time period. The amount of time a lesson will take depends on the amount of work a student does and/or is willing to take on. I can teach beginning to intermediate players on the electric and beginning to intermediate players on stand-up. Lesson material depends on what you would like to learn, but skills will include slap bass, jazz and walking bass lines, improvisation, musical literacy in bass clef and treble if desired, basic music theory, and basics on how to hold the instrument how to pluck or play with a bow (if stand-up). I am primarily geared towards youth players or adult players who are just beginning.
Contact Info for Lessons and Hire:
cell:303 915 7627
I look forward to working with you soon!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Stand-up: Lessons with Ben Greene, Principal of Arapahoe Philharmonic--2years. All-State Orchestra all three years I was eligible ('05-'06--5th chair, '06'-'07--2nd chair, '07-'08--was not able to actually participate even though I made it in because I graduated early from high school) and I made it in to Western States Honors Orchestra '06-'07, and'07-'08.
Years Experience: 5


Category: Writing / Journalism
I am mainly a short-story fiction writer and I prefer the fantasy-type style. I like it because the dialogue and the way you write is very bardic. I am currently finishing a stroy called Azrael about an angel who falls from grace, and have also written very short pieces, many of the raw and gory in nature. I have fun with descriptions and always am trying to find new words to implement for textual diversity. Making up words isn't out of the question either.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I dunno, the Public Education System?
Years Experience: 12

Human Being

Category: Religious / Spiritual
It is what it is, I like to talk and discuss things pertaining to humanity and its purpose on this planet.
Relevant Education / Credentials
None yet, but hopefully that will change.
Years Experience: 19