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How goes it? The names Bobbie. I'm a Juggalo country girl from the cornfields of Omaha, NE. I live in A-Town, CO with my best friend, my mentor and my anchor in rough waters, My dad. I'm very outgoing, love to meet new people, spur of the moment person and extreemly laid back, not homebody laid back necessarily. Its kinda wierd bein in the big city (its not really that big but compared to NE it is) but I figure it is a great oppritunity to get my name out there in the artist world. I stopped drawing for a little while just to take a break but I am back in the game. I have a fiance Nic, who is my backbone when I need it. He supports me through anything even if it isn't the best of ideas, as does my dad and close friends. As you can tell, I am very familly oriented and artistic. I love meeting new people so say hi and hope you enjoy my work!

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Basic Art Aurora, CO
Pencil Aurora, CO
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I do alot of commission work most of the time but when i am not i like to draw for myself. I like any kind of music from metalcore to the silliest of techno like Caramell Dansen. I spend alot of time with my dad and my fiance, friends get alot of my time too. I like working on cars and one day hope to open up either a custom body shop/garage or an airbrush shop. Im a thrill seeker so any wild ride or extreem sport has either been done or will be soon. I'm a major pool shark, kill at video games, drink like a fish and love to be social.
Work Experience:
I have worked at a used car lot as a detailer/porter, Fuddruckers, Subway, Cherrygrove Pre-school here in Aurora. I have painting experience in both interior and exterior. That job I enjoyed the most.
I went to Omaha Nowrthwest HS for my freshman and sophmore years then got myself into some trouble and went to Rangeview HS here for about 8 months total.
Organizations / Affilations:
Army JROTC was aout all I have been in. When I left I was a Sergeant Major which is pretty good for a sophmore.
Bobbie G is located in Aurora, CO and has the following skills: Basic Art, Pencil
Art / Creative
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Basic Art

Category: Art / Creative
Colored pencin and pen work. Cars/trucks, random things, anthropormorphic, portraits, anime Etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Never taken a real art class until my junior year.
Years Experience: 13


Category: Art / Creative
Same genres as Basic Drawing, materials with this one are Charcoal pencil, drawing pencil or standard pencils.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 13