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I have 2 years of experience with Babysitting skills in Brick, NJ. I also have 4 years of experience with Tutor skills.
My education and credentials include in middle school, straight A student.

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Babysitting Brick, NJ
Tutor Brick, NJ
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Category: Childcare
I am a 13 year old and i am quite experienced. i have 4 younger siblings and i helped my mom with them since the day she brought them home. i know basically everything of taking care of children. i am fun, loving, mature, responsible, and of course would treat your little cuties as if they were mine.
Relevant Education / Credentials
in middle school, straight A student
Years Experience: 2


Category: Education
I am 13 years old and i am a straight A student. I also have been wanting to be a teacher since 1st grade. I would be the person you would want to choose for a tutor. I am not looking for $ 35 an hour, i would be fine around $ 5-10. I am a great, intelligent, and cheap tutor.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Middle School, straight A student
Years Experience: 4