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Hello, if you are looking for a babysitter, mothers helper or a part-time summer nanny contact me. I also offer Pet sitting, or helping to distribute basic first aid to pets, such as vaccines, pills, or eye drops if you don't feel comfortable. English is my strongest subject reaching B's and A's as grades, I offer tutoring to children in 7th grade or below. As I am going into 8th grade! I am seeking a job, or an as needed job. I am not a licensed babysitter, and although I am a minor I have references from various affairs. I have had much experience baby-sitting up to three kids at one time. I am available, all hours in the summer from mid June to August from 6am - 10pm.

I have volunteered at two local animal shelters.
For more information you may email me at
or IM me and Meghan5441xo [yahoo messanger]

Profile Summary:
Babysitting Holliston, MA
Animal Care giving/Pet-sitting/basic first aid Holliston, MA
English Tutor Holliston, MA
More About Me
care-taking young children, volunteering, Pet-sitting, Tutoring (never done before for pay) am willing.
Work Experience:
Since I am a minor job options for me are limited:

Metrowest Humane Society
Framingham Ma
Volunteering; cleaning and socializing cats.

Baypath Humane Society:
Hopkington Ma
Volunteering; cleaning, walking, and socializing cats and dogs.

Please ask me personally for references as I do not feel comfortable having such information on a public site.

Babysitting. Agian please ask me personally for references.

I do have a resume, which can be emailed to you when needed.
I have stayed in school since kindergarten and am currently in Junior High, 8th grade.
Organizations / Affilations:
Yearbook Club
Holliston Youth Soccer Association
Metrowest Humane Society
Baypath Humane Society
Meghan Bard is located in Holliston, MA and has the following skills: Babysitting, Animal Care giving/Pet-sitting/basic first aid, English Tutor
Miscellaneous, Nature / Animals, Education, Services
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Category: Childcare
Babysitting when needed, mothers helper or nanny.

I enjoy care-taking for children my payment flexibility is well rounded, and I have had much experience.

My availability is not limited whatsoever.

Summer; mid June- end of August.
School year; September-mid June.
Wed-Thurs: 3pm-8pm
Mon&Fri: 3pm-5:30pm
Fridays I can do late evenings after 7pm.
Saturdays, I do have soccer but hours aren't obsolete they can be adjusted, nights are still available.
Sundays all hours until 8pm.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2

Animal Care giving/Pet-sitting/basic first aid

Category: Nature / Animals
Like shown above I have volunteered at two shelters, and still do.
I am young, yet very reliable, respectful and responsible. If you would like to hear from shelter references please email me.

I have been shown basic first aid through this shelter (vaccines, meds, eye drops, ear drops, etc)
I am uncertified/licensed.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2

English Tutor

Category: Education
I have done very well in english in general. If you need a tutor for grade 7 and below contact me. You make speak to my previous teachers from lower grades.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1