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I am not your everyday stay-at-home mom! I think of myself more as the type of Housewife that existed in 1950. I don't sit around watching soaps and chatting on the phone (in fact, I gave away my TV several months ago!). Instead, I cook and clean and pinch pennies and care for husband and children, just like my grandmother did. My children are well behaved, we eat meals made from scratch, and I am constantly looking to better myself and my family.

I am not actively looking for anything in particular, but there are tons of things I'd like! I would be willing to trade any of my skills for any of the things I have listed under my "skills I'm looking for" below. I am also hireable for any of my listed skills. Barter is ok, too, if you have something that I may be interested in!

I am also willing to help anyone learn more about ways to save money. I don't have it listed under skills because I don't know that being thrifty counts as a skill. ;)

Profile Summary:
Babysitting/ After-school care Oldsmar, FL
In-home Animal Care Oldsmar, FL
Need an extra hand? Oldsmar, FL
Container Gardening Oldsmar, FL
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Piano lessons
foreign language lessons
woodworking lessons
scuba diving lessons
lessons in politics or history
container gardening
outdoor gardening
knitting lessons
crochet lessons
dessert-making lessons
Sophia P is located in Oldsmar, FL and has the following skills: Babysitting/ After-school care, In-home Animal Care, Need an extra hand?, Container Gardening
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My Skills

Babysitting/ After-school care

Category: Childcare
I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 elementary-school-aged children. I am CPR and EMT certified and have taken several early childhood education courses. I am not a licensed child-care professional and so I do not care for children on a full-time basis, only as-needed or after-school. I can help with homework, provide snacks, and play with your children, keeping them safe, healthy and happy until you come home.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Mother of 2 CPR and EMT certified
Years Experience: 15

In-home Animal Care

Category: Home / Domestic
I am an animal lover with a ton of free time on my hands! I can do feedings, brushings, play time, walking, cleaning up, etc. Whatever you need, I can do it when you are at work during the day, or when you are on vacation. I can care for dogs, cats, reptiles and fish.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years of pet ownership!
Years Experience: 20

Need an extra hand?

Category: Home / Domestic
Do you sometimes wish you had an extra hand or two? Maybe an extra couple hours in the day? Free up some time for yourself by letting me come cook and clean for you! I can do anything you need done around the house, from preparing healthy and delicious meals to organizing your closets to scrubbing your toilets! I can come help you out on a one-time basis or regularly, I even do last-minute calls for those 'housekeeping emergencies'!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Housewife and Stay-at-home mom Hard working Diligent
Years Experience: 20

Container Gardening

Category: Home / Domestic
I really enjoy container gardening and I would love to help anyone who needs to know how to get started. I am at about an "intermediate" level, so I can help beginners pick out the containers they need, the plants they want, the soils they need, etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
None! But I DO grow one mean cutthroat shamrock, and my Basil plants are to die for!
Years Experience: 2