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At ojus we have a team of qualified degree holders Ayurveda practitioners from north and south India including therapist specialists in Kerala style panchakarma treatments.

Vaidya Mandeep Singh is a knowledgeable and experienced Ayurvedic physician. He obtained his medical degree in Ayurveda from India and has been practicing for over 20 years, 10 of which have been spent in the Canada. He is the founder of Ojus Panchakarma Healthcare in Surrey, BC

Ayurveda Practitioner Namarta Sharma is BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda) from India and has an extensive teaching and practical experience in Panchakarma.
Vaidya Suhas Nayak is BAMS, MD and Phd in Ayurveda and has worked as a professor and scientist in India.
A team of ayurveda practitioners:

Mrs. Seema Singla BAMS (Ayurveda)
Mr. Rohit Sharma BAMS (Ayurveda)
Mr. Shashi Bhushan Madan BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)

Our therapists are highly trained in South Indian Keralite Panchakarma treatments.

Profile Summary:
Ayurveda consultation and Panchakarma Treatments Surrey, BC
Ayurveda Herbal and Natural Facial Surrey, BC
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Work Experience:
Experience in Ayurvedic medicines, yoga and panchakarma, working in Surrey at Ojus Healthcare known center for ayurvedic doctor in surrey, vancouver and BC.

Experience of more than 21 years in ayurveda.
BAMS, MD Ayurveda from INDIA
Organizations / Affilations:
Ojus Healthcare Surrey
Ayurveda Center Vancouver
Sri Dhanwanti Ayurveda Center, Vancouver
Mandeep Singh is located in Surrey, BC and has the following skills: Ayurveda consultation and Panchakarma Treatments, Ayurveda Herbal and Natural Facial, OJUS YOGA
Beauty / Style, Health / Fitness
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Ayurveda consultation and Panchakarma Treatments

Category: Health / Fitness
Ojus Healthcare
Ensuring Better Health Naturally

We take pride in introducing the first ever state-of-the-art Ojus Healthcare Ltd. based in Surrey, BC for almost a decade. Our aim is to provide high quality and cost effective Ayurvedic Healthcare in a serene and holistic environment.

Ojus provides a matchless combination of ayurvedic medicines; Yoga & Panchakarma for everyone glow internally and externally.

Ojus is the cumulative essence formed after the cycle of nutrition is completed in our body. Our physical, mental, and spiritual strength is totally dependent on Ojus. Our personal aura, the strength and glow, is produced from an abundance of Ojus. This is our best safeguard against mental and physical disease.

Ojus is essential for your aura, strength and glow, which can be enhanced with the help of ayurveda, by identifying uniqueness of your body type, suggesting right diet and life style, Yoga, Panchakarma and herbal treatment of diseases.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) MD (Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda) from India
Years Experience: 21

Ayurveda Herbal and Natural Facial

Category: Beauty / Style
To enhance the natual beauty and give the glow to the face is the main objective of Ayurveda and Herbal Facials.

The facial is done with natural ayurvedic herbs, herbal oils, herbal creams, fruits and vegetables.

One must try.................

Price range starts from $50.00

Anti Acne
Anti Blemishes
Cleanse & Detox
Relevant Education / Credentials
Bachelor and Masters Degree in Ayurveda Herbal Medicines from India means BAMS, MD in Ayurveda.
Years Experience: 21


Category: Health / Fitness
Ojus Yoga

Ojus Fitness Yoga: Authentic Indian Yoga, the ancient science leading to healthy body, peaceful mind and joyous heart. It helps strengthen vital organs and develop the immune system. Yoga has proven results for the concerns like stress, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, overweight, hair and skin disorders. It has anti aging effects, rejuvenates the body brings glow (Ojus) on face.

Ojus weight loss Yoga: Yoga is an effective and natural way to lose weight gradually and permanently. Some cause for obesity are stress, bad eating habits, sedentary life style, toxins accumulation, over calories intake and low metabolism. Learn postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, igniting your inner heat to improve the metabolism and get rid of unwanted fat.

Ojus Private Yoga: By appointment only. $49.95 for one person, $5.99 per additional participant. Have a one on one, one hour yoga session or bring your own group.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BAMS, MD in Ayurveda
Years Experience: 21