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Michael O'Halloran

Hi my name is Mkie. Let my tell you a little story back in "84" i want the the mall with some friends and went in a book store looking around and come across the automotive book,started to look in out of cusiousity and got hook.At that point I know I would enjoy working on cars,truck any thing that has a engine on or in it.Want to school for four years got my frist J.O.B at a local goodyear shop work there a few years moved on to a muffler shop don't make any real money so move on to another field of work did't like that so I move on to another one now I'm driveing big rigs now,but allways had that pasion to work on car did a few odd jobs and work on my own and the family cars.Now I'm starting to go in the business for my self it's slow but I know it will pick up...thank for reading

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automotive mech. Catonsville, MD
My Skills

automotive mech.

Category: Automobiles
The repair of any moveing part on a automobile or lawn equiment
Relevant Education / Credentials
four years of technical traning, A.S.E certified
Years Experience: 15