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I'm an auto mechanic out of Flagstaff Arizona, currently i work at a privately owned shop, but im heading to the Subaru dealership in January.

Im a nice, I think I'm pretty easy to work with.

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Automobile tech Flagstaff, AZ
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Automobile tech

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Im an automobile mechanic in a local shop, but Im looking to find work for the weekends, and the nights.

to be safe I wanna keep it safe, no Engine rebuilds, or transmissions mostly because I don't have the insurance or the cash to pay for warranty work if there comes a time when it might need it.

I can do shocks, struts, oil changes, front end work, tires, front brakes (disk-drum)rear brakes (disk-drum), Brake hydraulics(boosters, master cylinders, calipers.), fuel pumps, Tune-ups (spark-plugs, fuel filter, check over.)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Worked in a shop for 7 years full time, gone diag classes through standard, and napa
Years Experience: 7