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lets go fishing,boating and listening to some pickin around the camp fire.
A mechanic for 30 someodd years my ads are on wenatchee craiglist 50 miles away but that's the deal when you live in the small cities like ephrata wa.

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auto mechanic Ephrata, WA
laborer Ephrata, WA
landscaping/equipment driver Ephrata, WA
rowback towtruck driver Ephrata, WA
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self-employed mechanic thats my interest in life. Traveling to somewhere I haven't been as long it's not in a plane or over the ocean.
Work Experience:
Been coast to coast twice just working for a living. Hasn't been peaches and cream at times but I have meet people like me that would give their last of anything if they knew if it would do you some good. And I have meet people that where millionaires that they thought they where above everybody else.
[tear your fence down around your property so his farm equipment can get through but you would be arrested if you did that to his fence.]and the elected officals told you that would happen to you if you tore down the fence.
It's not what you know or how long you known it's your relations with what you want to do in this life and who you know that has it and what kind of relation that person is to you.
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Grover Hamilton is located in Ephrata, WA and has the following skills: auto mechanic, laborer, landscaping/equipment driver, rowback towtruck driver
Mechanics, Miscellaneous, Services
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auto mechanic

Category: Mechanics
minor and major certifable work done by labor guide book.I work out of the little town called Ephrata,Washington.I have a couple of associates that are turning into friends and keep bringing me their cars.....,I'm just trying to earn a living and the trust of people that need a place they can depend on to bring their car troubles to and not worry about taken advantage of.
Relevant Education / Credentials
30 years of hands on experience checking into getting certifications
Years Experience: 30


Category: Services
Odd jobs done that you can't get done by youself.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1

landscaping/equipment driver

Category: Services
bobcat operator brush removal
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1

rowback towtruck driver

Category: Miscellaneous
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1