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Executive Hand Wash - Remove all bugs and tar, degrease rims and inner wheels, gentle touch-less wash, or mitted as indicated, air blow and dry vehicle, wipe door jambs, vacuum interior, dust interior of vehicle and clean floor mats. Wipe down all vinyl, dashboard and center console. Clean windows inside and out.

Cars - $20 | Trucks Vans, SUV - $25 | Full Sized Trucks & SUVs - $30
Monthly Maintenance Program - Includes a complete detail & 3 free executive hand wash services.

Cars - $185 | Trucks - $225 | Vans & SUVs - $265
Full Size Vehicles Clay & Wax - Includes executive hand wash, Clay deep clean paint and external wax polymer sealant.

Cars - $75 | Trucks, Vans & SUVs - $90 | Full Size Vehicles - $105
Premium Mini Detail - Includes executive hand wash, clay deep paint cleaning, polish, & show quality carnauba or polymer sealant. Dress all exterior moldings and rubber. Shampoo Mats.

Cars - $135 | Trucks, Vans & SUVs - $160 | Full Sized Vehicles - $185
Interior Detail - Includes executive hand wash, shampoo, sanitize and deodorize all carpets and upholstery, Scotchguard fabrics and carpets, clean and condition all leather and vinyl using Lexxol SPF protection, treat plastics and Plexiglas with Plexus plastic polish and antistatic treatment.

Cars - $100 | Trucks, Vans & SUVs - $125 | Full Size Vehicles - $150
Exterior Restorative Detail - This 9 step process brings back the new quality to the cars finished surfaces leaving you with that new car feel!!! Step 1. Wash car and degrease rims. Step 2. Deep clean paint with clay bar. Step 3. Remove tar, sap and other contaminants. Step 4. High Speed or Orbital 3M Compound Cutting Process to remove oxidation and surface scratches from paint. Step 5. Apply 3m Finesse to remove swirling and water spots from paint.Step 6. Apply Autoglym Polish & Glaze to replace natural oils back into the paint to create a showroom finish. Step 6 Apply Tech Guard high performance sealant for long lasting p
Relevant Education / Credentials
3M Training, Meguiars Training, NE Plus Certification
Years Experience: 1