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Aura/Color Therapy Reader

Category: Therapy
What is a Color~ Aura Reading?

Imagine being able to understand more of who you are just by having a deeper understanding of the energy frequencies surrounding your body. After all humans are nothing more than light vibrating at a certain frequencies creating this unique physical world. Since light as we know it is divided into 7 colors, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green Yellow, Orange & Red it is safe to say that our light bodies hold and need each of these color frequencies. Keeping your auric fields, or our light bodies, balanced is very important and often times medical conditions arise because the person is not getting a specific color frequency.

What you will learn from this color reading?

** Your Soul Color and what that means to you **
** The Color your need more of in your Auric Fields**
** Your partners soul color and what color means for your relationship**
** Crystal suggestions and Color advice to balance your Auric/Color Fields**
** Some past life information has been known to come up during these readings*
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2