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Born and raised in Florida. I had the luck to live on an 1800 square acre game preserve with my father and brother. My family had horses, dogs, and cats. We had the opportunity to spend many hours out exploring nature and learning about the various native wildlife to be encountered there. I learned to fish and hunt while living there as well as learning to value and protect all the species that coexist with us on this planet.

I moved to the Detroit area in the early 90's and began my musical career. I held many jobs while always working on my musical and engineering abilities. I have been in numerous over the years as a singer and guitar player. One band, Red Iris, my brother and I have kept going almost constantly for over 15 years now.

I am in an extremely happy relationship with a wonderful woman who has two great children. We are looking forward to a fine future with many surprises along the way. It has been rewarding for us so far and it seems to only get better.

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Audio Engineer Troy, MI
Music Producer Troy, MI
More About Me
I enjoy music, of course. I also enjoy computers and the possibilities for information gathering and sharing that they possess.
I am interested in history, science, philosophy, and politics.
I also love to learn about Native Americans - their way of life and spirituality.
Work Experience:
Relevant work experience: I am a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. I have been in a number of bands over the years in several different positions. I have been in the supporting role for many bands as well. I have done live sound support. I have run lights.
I have recorded many bands during my time. I have been an assistant engineer, tracking engineer, and mix engineer on various projects.

I am currently involved with an ongoing project where I am helping produce, record, and mix a full length album for my brother. I also use some spare time to work on my own music.
Eastside High School - Gainesville, FL.
Chippewa Valley High - Clinton Twp., MI.
Recording Institute Of Detroit - Cert.
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Moderator and contributor to Recording
Tom H is located in Troy, MI and has the following skills: Audio Engineer, Music Producer
Music, Art / Creative
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My Skills

Audio Engineer

Category: Music
I am currently the Lead Engineer at ValveStone Studio in Warren, Michigan. This facility is primarily a digital mixing studio. It has the means and capability to also do a great job at recording smaller projects.
I have been in the Music Industry for 20 years and have a wide range of abilities and experience. My focus is on providing a skilled ear that enables me to mix projects with an emphasis on helping artists realize their vision through songs that have impact.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Recording Institute Of Detroit - 1 year. Live sound reinforcement - 5+ years
Years Experience: 20

Music Producer

Category: Art / Creative
Having been a singer, musician, and songwriter for many years, I have the experience to help talented artists better reach their full potential in the recording environment. By working with artists, I can help them better prepare their songs for much wider appeal and a more professional sound.

I can provide expertise and knowledge to make the tracking experience a much more rewarding and smooth experience. Less time wasted during the recording process means more money for other areas of an artist's endeavors. It also means a much better end product which will more closely match the artist's visions and goals.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Recording Institute of Detroit - Cert. Musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and audio engineer.
Years Experience: 15