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I am proud to introduce my new company: My new business is developed to progress and meet the needs of changing times in the auction world and to solve some of the problems that occur, this is my solution.

Because there are conditions that can cause a bad auction, the outcome could mean pennies on the dollar for your items. Some examples are: What if it storms? What do you do in the winter? Weather plays a huge part in having a successful auction. What if there are six auctions in your area on the same day? Other issues can be: no parking, unsafe conditions, apartment complexes, condominiums, not enough items, too many items, getting the right crowd for specialty items and a problem that is getting worse…high fuel prices which is another factor in getting a large crowd for your auction.

For this reason my solution is Because we are an internet based company it is actually good for our auction if the weather is bad. If there are many auctions on the same day, ours ends in the evening when people are home relaxing and looking for something to do. If you have only a few items, it does not matter. We will auction one item or thousands. If you have too many items, we will set up a continued estate auction for you. In other words, we will do multiple segments for your estate or other type of auction. If your location is bad, we bring the auction to the people. Most auctioneers feel that 100 people is a good turnout, I think that putting it in front of thousands is better!

All in all, my commitment is to both buyer and seller. I, along with my staff, will do our best making it a pleasurable experience for all. So, sit back, relax and prepare to see the future of the auction business evolve via the internet! I look forward to doing business with you.

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Tim McKellips

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We are an Online Consignment Auction business. We specialize in all types of Auctions. Our business is run similar to a live Auction only we run everything Online, putting your items in front of a much larger group of people.
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We are a Online Auction Service Provider.
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