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The Law Of Attraction a.k.a. Attraction Marketing is the ability to brand and position yourself as a person of value, with something to offer. If you consider yourself a network marketer. And this definition went over your head. Then its clear you have deprived yourself. From the true ability to make a great amounts of money using the internet.

Once you have learned the marketing strategies and you have a good "plug in system" in place. Your ability to grow your business becomes quite effortless. Now, I'm in no way saying that hard work isn't involved. There is a great learning curve. Some more than others. But its not due to the amount of hours you've logged trying to promote your business.

Its weather you can free your mind of how you thought you were supposed to run your business. Embracing a concept that may challenge the way that you view your business as a whole. Focusing on building online business relationships, over pitching the get rich quick line.

But I can assure you, just as I came to see. That this method of marketing is what is used by all the top earners in the affiliate marketing industry. There are no substitutes.

It may be all dressed up but its the same method. But what makes it great, is you don't have to have all the money to be the person of value. And as a person of value, you become the sought after, instead of you doing the seeking.

So I must say that without me learning attraction marketing, how it works, and how having a good system, that myself as well as my team can plug into. I would still be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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