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I recently graduated with a Masters in Astrophysics and wanted to take a break from Academia. It turns out work is sorta hard to find.
I'll do a job well and cheap, but I'm not a guy in a suit. I'm a person of extremes: I'm often either very good at something or very bad at it. Games of any sort intrigue me, especially math based ones.

Profile Summary:
Astrophysics Brighton, MA
Tutoring Brighton, MA
Weather Resistance Brighton, MA
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Games, Science Fiction, Weather
Work Experience:
1)Data Analyst, Boston University Center for Space Physics, Summer & Fall 2006
•Scoured satellite data from 1970s for Magnetospheric Cusp phenomena only well understood more recently
•Found a prime example of such phenomena which shed new light on energetic particles in the Cusp
•Co-author on paper describing said event:
Walsh, B. M., Fritz, T. A., Lender, N. M., Chen, J., Whitaker, K. E. : “Energetic particles observed by ISEE-1 and ISEE-2 in a cusp diamagnetic cavity on 29 September 1978”, Ann. Geophys., 25, 2633-2640, 2007

2)Teacher's Assistant, Boston University Astronomy Department, Summer 2007
•Conducted laboratory exercises, graded papers, and provided homework help to BU college students

3)Data Analyst, Boston University Institute for Astrophysical Research, Fall & Winter 2007
•Eliminated various types of instrumental noise from data sets studying Infrared Dark Clouds
•Successfully removed striping in images which resulted from coolant problems in the detector

4)Teacher’s Assistant, Boston University Astronomy Department, Spring 2008
•Taught multiple discussion sections, graded papers, and provided homework help to BU college students
Graduated from Boston University with a BA/MA, magna cum laude, in Astrophysics and Space Physics with 3.76 GPA
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Neil Lender is located in Brighton, MA and has the following skills: Astrophysics, Tutoring, Weather Resistance
Miscellaneous, Education, Science / Research
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Category: Science / Research
I have an extensive knowledge of Astrophysics. I can do theoretical work, and I also have experience removing noise from and otherwise cleaning up digital images from CCDs. I have a year of experience teaching (Labs and Discussions) undergraduate nonmajors. I can even provide Sci-Fi consulting!
Relevant Education / Credentials
MA in Astrophysics and Space Physics from Boston University
Years Experience: 4


Category: Education
I will teach any type of Math, Physics, or Astronomy at the College or High School level. If you need help in a different discipline that is math related, I can do what math is required. My typical rate is $25 for the first hour and $12 for each subsequent.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I've taught Introductory Astronomy Labs for a summer semester at BU, and Introductory Cosmology Discussion groups for one semester.
Years Experience: 1

Weather Resistance

Category: Miscellaneous
If, for some reason, you need someone capable of operating for extended periods outside in awful Boston weather with a high degree of competency, I'm your guy. I jog on ice, ignore cold, and dance through rain. What use this could be to anyone but me, I have no idea, but if you do, here I am.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I've lived in Boston for 22 years, and I never wear more than two layers.
Years Experience: 22