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I am a professional consulting Astrologer with clients from every walk of life and varied locations. I love "divining" people's life patterns, including the timing of events and life changes. I help my clients navigate difficulties with more ease and awareness of how they can create a positive outcome for themselves, releasing old, self-sabotaging behaviors. I also can find most auspicious, beneficial dates for weddings, important interviews, presentations, beginning a highly effective advertising campaign, among many other things. I'm also a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master/Teacher, offering Master Healing Sessions in this gentle but powerful energy healing lineage, as well as attuning and training students.

Profile Summary:
Astrologer Blue Lake, CA
Reiki Jin Kei Do Master/Teacher Blue Lake, CA
My Skills


Category: Consulting
Either by phone, in person, or through email I give consultations addressing whatever the concerns are of the client, which can be about any area of life. I record phone sessions if the client wants a recording sent to them of the interaction.
Relevant Education / Credentials
B.A. degree included a Masters level thesis on anthropology, psychology and women's literature Tutorials with Professional Consulting Astrologers over 15 years
Years Experience: 20

Reiki Jin Kei Do Master/Teacher

Category: Therapy
I treat people on a massage table, fully clothed, working in their energy field as well as hands on the body in various patterns relating to major systems, organs, energy centers (or chakras). I also do distance healing for individuals or for situations that can include more than 1 individual and a location. I also do hands on and distance healing for animals.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Master Level Certification from Reiki Jin Kei Do Center, Blue Lake, Ca.
Years Experience: 12