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Courtney Caswell-Peyton

I am a talented writer and editor who has 13 years of professional writing and editing experience. I have copy edited for a small, regional publication called "Up and Coming Weekly" and am the owner of a writing, inventing and editorial services firm called "Creative Services/The Breadwinner." I can write and edit small or large pieces depending on the need and I am familiar with all the major editing and grammatical styles (APA, AP, MLA). I am an aspiring screenwriter. I have completed three (3) short scripts called "Little Girl Gray," "The Wrong Relationship," and "Nineteen Ways Newspapers Neglect Those Needing Work," one longer script called "Flowers in Her Hair," and one adaptation from a treatment called "The High Life." I have just completed a feature film length comedy about handicapped people entitled "Crazy Cash." None of my scripts have been optioned. I am also the author of twenty (20) children's books and one dime novel for teenagers entitled, "Turtle Time for Toby," "Prideful Palermo Earns His Zebra Stripes," "Loyal Lion, Lucky Lamb," "There Once Was A Gorilla Named Gabe," "Once Leopard Lucy, Now Giraffe Goofy," "A Tiger's Tall Tails (Tales)," "How Allan Alligator Landed His Lake," "Allan Alligator's Awesome Australian Adventure," "The Sun's Bright, Burning Raise (Rays), "The Sun's Rays (Raise)," "Wiseguy Butterfly and His Speckley, Speckley Dusty Dots," "The Shark Magnet," "Two Holes in Henry's Socks," "Doggie Woggie Woke Up Foggy," "Dippy, Dippy Dolphin Divine, Anemone, and a Jealous Jellyfish, Too!," "Barnalien Blue," "Malarkey the Sharkey Trophey's the Whale Whopper-Teller, "Tripping Trotter's Sound, Round Divots," "The Miffed Gift: A Fun Lump of Coal as Night's Dark Mask," "Mayhem Monkey Debunks Life Spunky,"and "The Ramblings of Many" for which I am currently seeking a publisher. I am working on one (1) other novelette for teenagers that will be available soon.

Profile Summary:
Aspiring Screenwriter/Writer Seeks SERIOUS WORK Santa Barbara, CA
Psychic Profiler/Intuitive FOR HIRE Santa Barbara, CA
Trained Vocalist Seeking SERIOUS WORK Santa Barbara, CA
Light Interior Designer FOR HIRE Santa Barbara, CA
Copy Editor/Ghost Writer Seeking Consistent Work Santa Barbara, CA
More About Me
music, food, cooking, designing beautiful spaces for myself and others, learning languages, movies (in particular, foreign film, animals and their protection.
Work Experience:
Worked as a freelance writer and Copy Editor
Worked as an interior designer on a low budget
Worked as a law firm receptionist
Worked as a computer lab assistant
Worked on the Region 5 C.A.R.E. Manual for Cumberland County in 2005
Worked as an intuitive counselor on 2000-present
Worked as a Development Assistant
Was a trained vocalist with work at Oberlin's Vocal Academy for High School Students
Worked as a management consultant assistant
Worked as an art publisher's assistant
Worked as an intern at a graphic design firm
The College of Wooster; Wooster, Ohio
B. A. in English and Religious Studies
Greenwich High School; Greenwich, CT
Organizations / Affilations:
script registered with WGA entitled "Flowers in Her Hair"
Courtney Caswell-Peyton is located in Santa Barbara, CA and has the following skills: Aspiring Screenwriter/Writer Seeks SERIOUS WORK, Psychic Profiler/Intuitive FOR HIRE, Trained Vocalist Seeking SERIOUS WORK, Light Interior Designer FOR HIRE, Copy Editor/Ghost Writer Seeking Consistent Work
Legal / Law, Media, Movies / Film, Music, Writing / Journalism, Event / Party Planning, Services
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Aspiring Screenwriter/Writer Seeks SERIOUS WORK

Category: Writing / Journalism
I am an aspiring screenwriter and writer seeking serious work. I can write in any genre or style and on any realistic and pre-determined deadline. For samples of my work in all styles, go to There you will find mostly work writen by me--if not written by me I specify it in my posting or in the body of what is written. I look forward to serving you!
Relevant Education / Credentials
script registered with WGA, B. A. English and Religious Studies; The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH
Years Experience: 8

Psychic Profiler/Intuitive FOR HIRE

Category: Legal / Law
I am a psychic/intuitive with a proven track record of accuracy. I have worked on for 1 years and have collaborated with law enforcement to solve crie nationally and internationally. I like to catch the bad guys and to get people on positive life paths! Let me help you!
Relevant Education / Credentials (11 years) Childhood sensitivity and predictive accuracy
Years Experience: 11

Trained Vocalist Seeking SERIOUS WORK

Category: Music
I am a trained opera singer (6 years) seeking SERIOUS work and to collaborate with a talented and accomplished composer and arranger. I can sing in any style, preferably not jazz and work best in the key of E flat, but can work to expand range.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Six (6) years of professional operatic training, Summer of 1991 at Oberlin's Vocal Academy for High School Students
Years Experience: 6

Light Interior Designer FOR HIRE

Category: Services
I have a knack for getting to know others and assessing their tastes and what might look good in their living spaces. I set up a room in my local community a few years ago (on which I spent less that $900) in the hopes of saecuring a designer job with "Trading Spaces." When "Trading Spaces" was not available to hire, another client picked it up and became interested in my services. I look forward to helping you beautify the space in which you live or work!
Relevant Education / Credentials
personal home and office design practice designing on a low budget in hopes of getting a job with "Trading Spaces" or some similar show good taste
Years Experience: 1

Copy Editor/Ghost Writer Seeking Consistent Work

Category: Media
I am a copy editor with over 10 years of professional copy editing experience who can make even the most elementary writers sound eloquent. I look forward to serving you!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Work in 2004 for Up and Coming Weekly as a Copy Editor/Writer B.A. in English and Religious Studies from The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio
Years Experience: 13