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I'm a self taught artist and my work ranges from urban, comics, celebs, to BBW, adult/erotic & conceptual art. I've met, befriended, been thanked with advertisement & commissioned for my drawings by alot of established Adult BBW models such as Red White & Beautiful, Midnite Red, Melody Nyte (Bodacious Magazine), Rosie Wilde, Joenna Juggs (XL Magazine) Scented Kisses ( & my city's own Farrah Foxx. Most recently, Farrah got me an interview & article featuring my work in an upcoming issue of Big Black Butt magazine. Hopefully it will be the milestone I need. Most of my customers & subjects are my online friends & now I'm trying to network & expand this service to hopefully catch the right people's/person's interest in giving me my worth. Samples of my art are below. My e-mail is for direct requests or click the site link to purchase favored work. Get it while the getting is good, all it takes is a celeb purchasing to up the price lol. Thank you to all who contributed & those who will in the future. I'm confident in my talent yet forever humble as a person.

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Artist Oakland, CA
Hip Hop Producer Oakland, CA
Lyricist Oakland, CA
Mixed CDs Oakland, CA
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Category: Art / Creative
Urban, adult, comic & conceptual art or illustrations. Anything involving drawing and/or illustrating a theme.
Relevant Education / Credentials
1 semester at California College of Arts & Crafts
Years Experience: 20

Hip Hop Producer

Category: Music
I create instrumentals both from original and sampled sounds on the pc. The style is underground hip hop with more of a universal, unpredictable sound than coast-biased. These are my songs playing & ALL instrumentals are produced by me.
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Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3


Category: Writing / Journalism
I write raps & poetry. Subject matter is unlimited & ranges from humorous to double-meaning, metaphorical illustrations.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20

Mixed CDs

Category: Music
At the customer's request or just to add to my collection, I mix mp3 files on the pc. I usually set a theme for it such as "summerjams of 2008", "golden era hip hop" or "90's slow jams" and make a mix of that nature. These are REAL mixes with the songs blending in "mixtape style" and not just compiled on a CD. I then print a custom-made label on the CD & mail it to the customer.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5