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I'm a single mom who works from home. I design and hand-craft simulated stain-glass windows. My 'canvas' are old window sashes. The frames are often untouched, or can be painted, washed, or sponged.

I paint saw blades and any other paintable surface...old gas cans, old milk cans, old barn boards, you get the idea. I even have done wall murals for a lady opening a nursery.

I do pyrography on gourds; the designs are burned into the gourd. They make gorgeous bird houses. The make unique nick-nack (car keys and junk) bowls.

All my work is hand created by me only and signed. I will consider any special orders.

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Artist/Painter Piedmont, SC
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Category: Art / Creative
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High School Diploma 1987 Some college Have been creative since birth, an artist that actually sells stuff 20 years.
Years Experience: 20