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I got into art when I was real young and I started off drawing. Over the years I tried many differnet kinds of art and took it to the next level. I got started in creative writing when I was young as well. I've done a few poetry readings, short stories. Throughout the years a few of my poems have won contests and have been published in a couple local newsletters in Chicago ( "Color Blind magazine" around '97, and My ultimate goal is to not only to stand out and be different, but to use them in a way to express myself as well as establishing my own businesses.
Even though i have a few creative crafts, the one that i've advanced the most in is art. I have done acrylic paintings, to murals, airbrush art, tattooing and more. Shortly after I learned about tattooing, I discovered that it became kind of natural to me. I'd just apply my skills in illustration, and other types of fine art skills into the tattoo medium. I also discovered a style that I feel it's my own that I'm comfortable with. That style would be the realistic- cartoony, street art style, with just a touch of photo-realism. I find that works best for me, even though i am very diverse also. I experiment with the Asymetrical stuff too, like shapes, tribal designs,animals and nature stuff.

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Art: tattooist, graphic design, muralist, media Minneapolis, MN
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Art: tattooist, graphic design, muralist, media

Category: Art / Creative
I am an experienced artist of various mediums like: acrylic painting, airbrushing, graphite pencil, ink, and tattooing.
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