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Mackenzie Rivers

I have ben a professional artist for 5 years. I sold my first piece of art at the age of 13, for $200. I am an underground artist and widely known, yet. I am very accomidating and cheap. That doesn't mean I am not superb at what I do, I am just understanding of people's economic situations.

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Art / Creative Lemon Grove, CA
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Art, Music, My band, and My Art Career
Work Experience:
This resume does reflect on my person and my abilities but it does not incase me as a whole and the potential I have. If given the chance, I would more than prove I could excel with you company.

Mackenzie Scott Rivers
2220 Main Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
619-644-8583 (home)

May, 2008

To whom it is concerning,

In response to your current advertisement, please accept this letter and resume in application for the position currently available within your company.

As you can see from my enclosed resume, my diverse skills and experience make me a strong and suitable candidate for this position.

I would appreciate the generous opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about my skills or me at a convenient time. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Respectfully yours,

Mackenzie Scott Rivers

Enclosure: Resume

Mackenzie Scott Rivers
2220 Main Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
619-644-8583 (home)

An opportunity to share my skills, talents, and experience in a position
that allows me to express my creativity while enhancing the mission, vision, and goals of the company.

• 8+ years of customer service
• 4+ years of sales experience
• I have developed logos for several businesses, and community non-profit organizations
• I have developed various logos/CD covers for upcoming rappers and bands
• I have sold many paintings and inkings for over $1,000.00
• I have been a professional Artist for 5+ years
• I have taught ages five to twenty to draw, paint, sculpt, etc.

El Cajon Valley High School
High School Diploma
• 9th grade GPA: 3.2
• 10th grade GPA: 3.3
• 11th grade GPA: 3.3
• 12th grade GPA: 3.4

Work History:
Company: Thee Artist
Pay: Fluctuates
Responsibilities: Sales, project management, creati
Self taught, but I have taken some college courses.
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Mackenzie Rivers is located in Lemon Grove, CA and has the following skills: Art / Creative
Art / Creative
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Art / Creative

Category: Art / Creative
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5+ years as a professional artist and that intails. Some college courses taken.
Years Experience: 13