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I practice traditional astrology. Typical services are Horary ( asking a question about anything that affects you personally and directly, Scheduling when to do an event like apply for a job, have surgery, ask a person out on a date, when to get married etc., and some Natal work on identifying career and personal predisposition for achievement.

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Any Questions Resolved Without Natal Chart New York, NY
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Any Questions Resolved Without Natal Chart

Category: Culture / Tradition
For those clients looking to resolve questions of immediate and pressing importance - such as "Does he love me ?", "Will I get the new job ?", "When should I go to the doctor ?", "Which car should I buy ?" and similar important issues can be resolved with a branch of Astrology called "Horary Astrology"

This can be usually done in less than 24 hours and results emailed or phoned to the client

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This is entertainment only with no refunds.
Please be 18 years or older.
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Traditional and Classic Astrology - over 15 years of daily clients with training and scholarship.
Years Experience: 15