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Internationally renown with animal communications as a specialty. Extremely accurate, detailed sessions. Honest and ethical. I don't just say what you wish to hear.

I have been gifted in this way all my life; helping to save many beloved animals, reunite lost animals with their persons, and aid in new adoptions. Many equine rescue facilities throughout the US consult with me on a regular basis dealing with new arrivals.

My mission is to help the animals, and help them to teach us. I believe that animals are our greatest teachers, if we just listen to them and follow their lead.

I became a professional Animal Communicator quite by accident when a horse gave me a stomach ache and I helped save his life; then I helped a dog to find her way home after being lost for 10 months. So I really had no choice any longer, the animals made sure of it. I really do believe our animals are our greatest teachers, they choose to be with us to help us learn and help us grow. I believe that the more YOU know the better the world will be for all animals.

Horses are very special. They are one of the most psychically open animals a human can work with. And we all know that they just "know". Ever heard someone say "Don't be afraid because a horse will know it"? After having spoken to many horses, yes indeed, they know. You just cannot fool a horse. Anyone that has spent any time around many horses understands this all too well. Dogs and Cats do this as well, they all know our intentions, what we know, what we feel. This is what they respond to.

What do my clients think? One says, "I highly recommend Terrie Douglas to anyone that needs help. She is absolutely awesome. Not only can she communicate with animals, she can also communicate with other spirits, imparting things that only you would know. She is the "real thing", a genuine psychic. God has blessed her with a wonderful gift that she so lovingly shares."

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