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I am a 50 yr old follower of Christ. By God's grace and through faith in Jesus Christ I have been made a child of God. As far as I'm concerned, as I believe the Bible teaches; there is no difference between Jew or Gentile. They are both counted in sin and need to be brought in to the household of God by faith in Jesus Christ. My life was transformed by God to be His child. My testimony is somewhat long and could be a bit boring to some, I won't go there; but my present state is in the grace of GOD. The Lord Jesus called me to preach the gospel in 1984. I was in the wilderness for over twenty years learning to be a man of God. My ambition is to tell you about the mercy of GOD and that you can be saved through faith in Christ Jesus.

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Ambassador of Christ Decaturville, TN
Handyman Decaturville, TN
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Ambassador of Christ

Category: Religious / Spiritual
The GOD of all creation called me out of this present darkness and in to His marvelous Light! Now, I want to proclaim His Gospel. {John 3:16}GOD loved the people in this world(His creation) so much that He sacrificed His only begotten Son(a man who was born of a virgin, flesh and blood; yet, GOD Himself)so that any man who would believe in the Son of GOD would not perish (not receive life but suffer the consequences of eternal damnation)but have everlasting life. {Romans 6:23} For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. The Lord Jesus is coming back and I will meet Him in the clouds. Will you? I will pray with you, counsel with you, preach to you...whatever it takes: so that we may stand together against the wiles of the devil and shine as lights in this evil generation. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!
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Years Experience: 26


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I offer total property management. Rental property clean-outs and prep for new tenants. Maintenance, plumbing, electrical repairs and some installations. Remodeling that old rental? I will do it and most likely surprise you with the finished product and most of all the costs will reflect my goal of simplicity "if it works I won't replace it, I will make it clean, safe and efficient." Remodeling your Home? I will do a proficient job of it at your specifications. I will consult with you to find the most practical way of designing the remodel so that if costs can be cut they will be. Currently: low overhead means low costs to you! :)(So don't be put off if you hear me coming from three blocks away. One of these days the temptation will probably get to me and at that point I'll raise my rates so that I can put a new exhaust system on my 34 year old truck. But until then I'm happy if your happy :) and the Lord Jesus is happy if I do things His way and that makes me even happier :).
Relevant Education / Credentials
Vocational School when young - Masonry-have a certificate. Carpenters helper when a young young man. Have a bad back as evidence. Plumber's helper when a young young man. From this I came to the realization that you don't give a young young man a 1/2 gallon of pvc glue and some cleaner, then close the doors on him and let him go:( Custodian when a young young man. A broom seems to fit nicely in the palm of my hands- may still have a few splinters. Home Inspection Course as a young man- have a certificate.
Years Experience: 30