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Tom Kile has been helping families throughout Amarillo make sound decisions for their futures for almost twenty-five years. He knows that sound decisions come when he listens to his clients needs and really hears what their goals are. That way, Tom can set out to help them achieve their dreams. The thanks and praises he receives from clients and friends for his diligent help and careful guidance, well, that's simply music to his ears. If you ask local businessman Tom Kile where he believes his success comes from, you might be surprised that he'll point to his ear. "Listening makes all the difference," he says. And if you ask Tom's clients what they think about that, they'll agree it makes all the difference in the world.

Sound Working Environment
Tom draws a lot of parallels from his hobby as a sound technician to his role as one of Amarillos leading real estate professionals. To most, the two endeavors may seem worlds apart, but Tom will be the first to admit they really go hand in hand. "Both require intent listening to ensure everything goes as planned," he explains. Behind the scenes, Tom is intent on getting results. Personally and professionally, he realizes it's his ability to listen and focus that has given those he works with success.

Tom started volunteering as a sound technician for his church, running audio and technical operations for small church performances. But like just about everything he delves into, Tom was quick to perfect his "hobby" and even began working sound for major performances and events throughout the Amarillo area. From a Garth Brooks appearance to the annual church Christmas pageant at the Civic Center, Tom's passion affords him a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective he wouldn't trade for the world.

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