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Seth Ambrose is very happy to be living and teaching in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Seth has a strong history with the performing arts. He has undertaken serious studies of classical piano, voice, and various wind instruments. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre. He has a long history of teaching music and movement to children and adults.

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Alexander Technique San Francisco, CA
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Alexander Technique

Category: Health / Fitness
The Alexander Technique is a renowned educational method that encourages poise, ease of movement, balance and coordination, better use of the breath and voice, and increased awareness of all the senses. Students learn to lengthen the spine, free joints, and release muscle tension in order to use their whole selves in a more integrated, functional, and natural manner. Students learn to deal more effectively with the stresses and stimuli of everyday life as they become increasingly self aware of their habitual ways of thinking and moving.

In other words, the Alexander Technique offers a fresh perspective on the ‘little things’ and leads to a greater sense of well-being.

Students of the Alexander Technique come from all walks of life - carpenters, nurses, computer users, musicians, chefs, waiters, dancers, doctors, parents of small children, actors, runners, teachers – you name it. From the athlete to the banker, we all use our bodies, more or less successfully, each and every day.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Seth is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). AmSAT requires teachers to undergo 1600 hours of training and reach the highest standards of both practical and theoretical proficiency before certification. Seth trained with Jerry Sontag, Laura Klein, and Anne Bluthenthal in Berkeley and San Francisco, California.
Years Experience: 4