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hi, my name is vinny i am currently a student at the university of north western ohio i am orig. from florida and came up to ohio for school . my passion is welding and art i love to paint (airbrush)and build things if it involves metal or paint i am in

Profile Summary:
airbrush and spray paint art Lima, OH
fabrication and welding Lima, OH
My Skills

airbrush and spray paint art

Category: Art / Creative
i paint and create crazy artwork involving pretty much whatever u can think of by using an airbrush also amazingly realistic art using just spray paint .i ahve painted on several different medeums including metal(cars) wood, paper,and concrete doing custom graffix on cars and realistic wall art of space
Relevant Education / Credentials
i attend the university of north western ohio for automotive and hypo
Years Experience: 4

fabrication and welding

Category: Automobiles
i builld custom show trucks that lay frame and sometimes doors on the ground by using my metal fab and welding skills i can create outstanding results and a sparking good time i also can do custom interiors such as fiberglass dashes, door panels,sub boxes,and kick panel boxes
Relevant Education / Credentials
university of north western ohio,certified in tig,mig,and stick welding,also a/c certified
Years Experience: 5