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I am a young mother of 2 boys, and have been happily married for 2 years now. I'm fulfilling my life-long dream of being a stay at home mother, and though nothing is tougher, I strongly believe no job out there could bring me greater rewards.

I am an only child, and though I moved out on my own for awhile my family and I currently live with my parents. Five years ago my father was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, and though he is cancer free at the moment it has come back twice now and the doctor's say it's only a matter of time before it comes back again, the prognosis isn't good.
We live with my parents for several reasons. 1) My parents have been married for 27 years now so this whole ordeal has been very tough on her so we're here for support since her and I are very close. 2) In addition to the cancer my dad has struggled with depression for years now and some days my 2 sons are his only source of happiness so since we don't know how long he has, we want him to be able to see them grow up as much as possible. and 3) With cancer it's easy, even with insurance to rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills, so since we'd be paying rent anywhere we lived, we figured it might as well go to someone we love and who needs it.
I am trying to "go green" as much as possible and making small changes to do things better for my family. So far we've switched over to greener cleaning products, some personal care products, diapers and wipes, including using some cloth diapers instead of disposables all the time. I'm a huge fan of the Seventh Generation company.
The love of my life really is children though. As a little girl I played countless hours pretending to be pregnant and have lots and lots of babies and now that reality is here and I am lovin it. It's tough at times, since my kiddos are 13 months apart but now they're not little babies so it's easier.
I'm really passionate about the things I believe in and this is evident in all areas of my life.

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Affordable Childcare 0-3 years Palestine, TX
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Affordable Childcare 0-3 years

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As stated in my bio I love kids. I like to watch 1 or 2 children in my home with my own kids, that way it's a really small group, they're the same age and can play well together.

I only watch kids around the same age as my own so newborn to 3 years is my limit.

I charge $75 a week. I will provide the food, you will need to provide a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, bottle, and formula. (if relevant)

I don't smoke and neither does anyone I know.

I try to keep a pretty clean house, it's not perfect but it's certianly not filthy by any means.

I don't NOT run a preschool by any means. The kids eat and play and nap when they want to, no real set schedule, so if you're looking for structure, I am not the person to call.

I do look after any kids I watch like my own.
Relevant Education / Credentials
No education other than watching my own 2 kiddos. Of course when I was a teenager I watched kids here and there but my main experience is with my own 1 and 2 year old.
Years Experience: 3