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Aerial Photography Charlton, MA
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Aerial Photography

Category: Services
Consider calling if you need the services of a helicopter. Perfect for a whole variety of services such as * Real Estate: property evaluation and pre purchase, inspection, site selection and development, planning and zoning
* Insurance claims investigation
* Accident scene investigation
* Home & Boat owners
* Golf courses
* Advertising & marketing productions
* Wedding photography
* Air to air


* Pipeline / Powerline Patrol
* Search & rescue
* Surveillance
* Event Fundraising
* Weddings & special events
* Promotional events
* Corporate outings
* Birthday parties
* Family reunions
* "Ball Drops" on golf courses
* Frost prevention of crops
* Animal tracking & hunter reconnaissance
* News coverage
* Flying Santa
* Traffic watch
* Familiarization flights
Relevant Education / Credentials
Fully licensed and insured
Years Experience: 25