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Hello, my name is Randall Padilla, I am a Professional Demo Artist for the World's Largest guitar pick company- HotPicksUSA. I am also an Advanced Guitar / Music Theory Instructor for Langlois Music in the posh McHenry Village Shopping Center (209) 524-1355; I own Modesto Advanced Guitar Instruction which is widely acclaimed as the most professional & authoritative instruction service in the Central Valley.

No where else will you find anything that comes this close to your basic instruction package:
* ALL of my students learn music theory (complete G.I.T. / Musicians Institute
theory course) for FREE;
* I provide 24/7 unlimited phone assistance if you ever have a question(s);
* I provide emailed copies of your lesson so that you will always have the
material available;
* I hand compose each lesson and it is laser printed in computer graphic;
* You will learn sweep picking, tapping, modes, pentatonic/heptatonic scales, economy picking, extended pentatonic shred phrases, arpeggios, advanced legato runs, 15-24 notes per second speed development, Classical/finger picking style(s), advanced bebop jazz runs, chord melody phrasing, whammy bar tricks, scale sequences, metal phrases, solo sculpting, etc.

If you are serious about obtaining the right information that will immediately
transform your playing, then contact me about scheduling lessons.

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Advanced Guitar / Music Theory Instructor Modesto, CA
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I'm a REAL Instructor and not one of these cats that masquerade as an "instructor" but are musically illiterate and can't read/write. I see so many people falling for hand scribbled notes on TAB paper or paying $40 for 3 pieces of photocopied pages. If you're going to pay for lessons, then actually learn music as a language the way it should be.
Randall Padilla is located in Modesto, CA and has the following skills: Advanced Guitar / Music Theory Instructor
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Advanced Guitar / Music Theory Instructor

Category: Music
I teach music- not songs off a CD or something that I laid across a photocopier. I write my own lessons, ALL of my students learn music theory for FREE.
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Years Experience: 12